Speaking of Ed Sheeran

As I mentioned in the previous post, my daughters and I have developed not an obsession, but a deep appreciation for Ed Sheeran as a guitar player and songwriter. His uncanny timing and amazing live looping create a depth of sound and nuance that make him, IMO, one of the most unique creative forces on pop radio. But his style is so much more than pop. It is down right ethereal.

Here are a couple examples:

Don’t, live at BBC Radio 1

And more recently,

Bloodstream, live at the 2015 BRIT awards

Luca Stricagnoli – Remember that name!

So, my older daughter is teaching herself to play acoustic guitar. At 13, she has pretty amazing natural ability, and she has transferred a few lessons on electric guitar into an impressive sonic experience for anyone lucky enough to hear her play.

In a few months we’ll be going to see Ed Sheeran, who at 24 has become one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Because I like to encourage her to watch true talents on YouTube (and not just wither away her free hours mastering Minecraft), we sit and watch Sheeran videos intermixed with some of my favorite “dinosaurs” from the past like Clapton, Townsend, Cray, Vaughan, Knopfler and so on…

Which leads me to Luca Sticagnoli.

This guy is A-Mazing! Fret fingering technique like Eddie Van Halen on steroids. Percussion tapping like a virtual Keith Moon – but with his hands on the guitar instead of a full on drum kit… Well, enough description, just watch (and enjoy) the following… Oh, and remember his name!

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